Full Flower Moon

Field Walk Design Cut Out Smaller.jpg

Night and day, the toads are calling up from the humid air of the bottomland, calling to each other before even the first drop of rain teases the green from the trees, calling to us to signal spring. We’ve started to hear the whippoorwill, started to see the bright bells of light from lightning bugs after the work is done. May’s full moon will soak the night sky in strips of painted white on Saturday, and every year, the Flower Moon coincides with the bursting green of plants in the fields and the pace of work quickens. This is an exciting time for us each year, filling the lengthening days with seeding, planting, and harvesting our first substantial orders, but this year we have another reason to celebrate moving into the full height of the season.


We are so thrilled to announce that we will be participating in the Cobblestone Farmers’ Market in Winston-Salem this season!

A market outlet has not been a part of the farm for a couple of years now, which is something we’ve thought a lot about, and we are so pleased to now be able to provide produce directly to the folks in our hometown. Since we decided not to pursue a CSA this season, we were struggling to find a way to make connections with our loyal members, as well as to maintain a community-centered aspect to the farm, which we’ve held as important from our first year. The Cobblestone market is full of really incredible vendors, selling all kinds of local goods and produce, and has a special group of attendees that we can’t wait to get to know! We are humbled to be setting up a York Farm table at Cobblestone, beginning NEXT SATURDAY, May 25th! We hope you will come out each week to support us and the other vendors there, and to share in the harvest with us.


Last week, we built a mobile chicken coop for our girls to have a better environment on rotating pasture. With the help of a local guy, Kyle is building a porch along the side of the new barn that will overlook the fields. We’ve already begun our wholesale orders to restaurants, and have pursued new outlets closer to the farm, which is very encouraging.

We have even more projects in the works, including the potential launch (fingers crossed!) of online ordering for bread, reclaiming the old barn, and the re-opening of the farm store.

Stay tuned!


After news of the market came through, we began moving at an even quicker pace—planting 9,000 bulb onions, 5 varieties of potatoes, our first succession of squash and cucumbers, and filling the fields and hoop houses with lettuces, tomatoes, Swiss chard, fennel, kohlrabi, turnips, carrots, and beets. We have planted everything out of the greenhouse except for a succession of late-season tomatoes, newly-seeded flowers, leeks, eggplant, and peppers, which will all be planted in the coming weeks. In the light of the Flower Moon rising early above the afternoon-cloaked fields, we will harvest spinach, Swiss chard, beets, red and green Oakleaf lettuce, Buttercrunch lettuce, Romaine, three varieties of kale, collards, and sugar snap peas.


Walking the fields already feels different this season. Small green tomatoes are peaking from yellow flowers and dark green leaves, and we are full as the moon of hope.

With love and dirty hands,

Kyle and Nicole