Full Buck Moon


July brought the cicadas from their earthen homes and June bugs clicking their bodies against the metal of the roof. Now and again, a click. The Buck Moon showered its brightness over the land on the 16th. Over the hillside where the chickens peck in the shade of their new tractor we were finally able to install. Over the hoop house and its Valencia tomatoes, soaking in the humidity to ripen orange. Over the silver cucumbers, and purple eggplant lined with streaks of white from their tops. Sunflowers, re-seeded all on their own from last year, sprung up early May in many shades of yellow, red. We’ve harvested the last of our greens and we are still waiting on red cabbage to roll into heads.


We’ve been enjoying the fruits of our hard work, during those hours in early spring when everything is so quiet you might believe nothing could bloom. Now, tomato sandwiches with sourdough bread, and crushing over-ripe tomatoes in a sieve to make fresh juice to adorn pasta or drink fresh and cold from the jar. Potatoes fried in oil. Steamed purple and wax beans with salt. Soft boiled eggs and pesto, made the traditional way with lots of basil, chopped by hand.

This month, Kyle filled trays with dark and sweet-smelling potting mix while I carefully placed one seed at a time into the cells. Our greenhouse is full of broccoli, cabbage, fennel, Brussels sprouts, and Romanesco cauliflower, growing and gaining true leaves by the hour. We’ve harvested pounds of beans and squash in the morning heat, trellised our second succession of tomatoes, and hung the garlic to dry under the porch. The Farm Store has been a great success so far, and our community has shared in the harvest with us. Winter squash has taken over the bottomland and each variety is forming its own, uniquely colored fruit. The wait for winter squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce, and kale continues until September.


We are excited to share that Somewhere in Beulah Land, filmed by Andrew Harrison Brown of Ragtag Tribe Films in 2017, is now available publicly. The film is a portrait documentary of York Farm in its first years of growing and we are grateful that Andrew would allow us to share the film with you. You can view the short film on our homepage.


Come see us on Fridays from 1-6 at our Farm Store and on Saturdays from 8:30-12 at Cobblestone Farmers’ Market!

With love and dirty hands,

Nicole and Kyle