A Sea of Green

Field Walk Design Cut Out Smaller.jpg

Despite the gray, wintery skies of this morning, when you step through the fogged plastic of the greenhouse, you’ll find a sea of green. Not only the green of grass or iris shoots we normally associate with this time of year, but an array of seedlings with many shades: sour-apple-green, purple-blue-evening-mountain, lime-green-of-the-sea. The experience of spring, as farmers, is usually less about truly seeing what’s around us. We often forsake the true sight that allows for a slowing down, in order to throw ourselves into the necessary work. Just getting things done. Every year, we have felt we were already “behind,” even when the growing season was just getting started, and each task would hopefully be in service of the months ahead, but there was much fear and anxiety about what the year would look like.


When the quiet of January turned into February and March, we seeded just enough to completely fill our greenhouse and began to turn the soil in our hoop houses. One bed at a time, one seed at a time. For whatever reason, this year is already feeling lighter, slower, even when we are quicker with each task and more confident. Maybe this is the gift of experience that we’ve been looking for since the farm began its journey. Maybe understanding each aspect of the farm in a more holistic way is relieving us of unnecessary pressure and helping us just be. Whatever the reason, we are grateful to be tilling beds and planting, once again, while also seeing the farm grow at its pace. At least slightly slower, and with fresh eyes.


As I mentioned in last month’s FW, we have been working on many other projects this year, in addition to cultivating a healthy amount of produce.

Here is a sneak-peak of one project that we have steadily made progress on over the last couple of months! I’m sure you can tell that it involves a different set of tools and a more indoor setting, and we are very excited to reveal this new aspect of the farm within the next month or so. Stay tuned!


Also, stay tuned for the re-opening of the farm store! Things will be looking a little different when you come, which is exciting! Look forward to the farm store in mid-May or early June.

A special thanks to everyone who helped us by voting on our grant application last month! We unfortunately weren’t selected, but we are hoping to still plant a few blueberry bushes this year if we can.

For now, we are focused on prepping the new land (closest to the woods) for planting the greenhouse seedlings in the next weeks, seeding more lettuce, and working on new aspects around here that we hope will bring the whole farm together.

With love and dirty hands,

Kyle and Nicole